About Us

La Coopérative Funéraire et centre de crémation PASSAGE Funeral Co-op & Cremation Centre Ltée./Ltd. is a full service funeral home situated on Route 134 at Shediac Bridge, Westmorland County. The funeral home has three viewing salons, a family room and a show room.

The Co-operative is governed by a Board of Directors and managed by a licensed funeral director assisted by licensed staff and a group of dedicated volunteers. The Co-operative serves the requirements of members and non-members in Kent, Albert, Westmorland Counties and the Greater Moncton Area.

As of April 2019, the Co-operative has over 2200 family members.

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In 1992, efforts began to organize a funeral co-operative under the name of Greater Moncton Funeral Co-operative. A charter was obtained, a board elected, and a small membership recruited.

This early attempt did not receive the membership support initially expected. At a meeting held November 26, 1998, the original Board recommended winding up the organization. Rather than wind up the Co-operative, it was suggested that a new approach be taken. The new strategy was to get out into individual communities, starting with Cocagne, Grande Digue and Notre Dame. The motion to wind up was defeated and the new approach began.

On February 4, 1999, Fr. Elois Arsenault, who started the first of seven funeral co-operatives in PEI, addressed a meeting of priests in St. Antoine and a general public meeting in Cocagne. A steering committee was formed and visits were made to Coopérative Funéraire La Colombe Ltée. in Tracadie, Fundy in Saint John, Arimathea in Upper Musquodoboit and three funeral co-operatives in PEI. These neighbouring co-ops have provided us with every assistance possible. At the same time, contacts were made with groups in South Kent and along the shore as far south as Shemogue. One of the first meetings was held at St. Martin in the Woods church hall at Shediac Cape.

Members began joining the Co-operative as soon as public meetings started. Later, two general meetings were held, one at Cocagne (in French) and the other at St. Martins in the Woods (in English). A number of smaller meetings were also held in the area and in Moncton.

The renewed group held a membership meeting in Cocagne on Dec 6, 2000 where the name was changed to “Coopérative Funéraire PASSAGE Funeral Co-op Ltée./Ltd”, the bylaws were updated and a new Board of Directors and Officers were installed.

By January 30, 2001 there were 146 members and the Co-operative entered into discussions with Reginald Savoie of Pointe-du-Chêne for his employment as Funeral Director. During 2001 and 2002, the Board of Directors established various Committees and efforts were concentrated on membership growth, acquiring a suitable parcel of land, the erection of a building and adequate financing.

During this period the Co-operative became a member of la Fédération des coopératives funéraires du Québec which will enable the Co-operative to take advantage of the benefits of membership in that coopérative.

The Board’s efforts were rewarded when with the acquisition of a parcel of land in Shediac Bridge in 2002 and the completion of construction of a funeral home in early 2003. Coopérative Funéraire PASSAGE Funeral Co-op Ltée./Ltd. opened its doors for business on March 16, 2003, with approximately 355 members, providing full service funerals to all faith communities in both official languages.

The President of the Co-operative stated at the 2004 Annual General Meeting that many compliments were being received on the services performed by our Co-operative and stated that these were the results of the efforts of our Funeral Director and a team of dedicated volunteers.

In 2005 the Co-operative purchased additional property adjacent to the funeral home.