In Loving Memory Of
Father Laurence Quin Morris
1951 - 2024

Father Laurence Quin Morris passed away peacefully on Monday, June 3rd, 2024 at Holy Cross Nursing Home, Heathfield East, Sussex, England, after a long illness.

Born in Twickenham, Surrey on February 10th, 1951, he was the son of the late James Morris and the late Mary Bridget Morris (Dooley).

He will be sadly missed by his sister Norah Higgerty (Brian), of Haute-Aboujagane, his niece Jennifer Higgerty, of Haute-Aboujagane, his nephew Michael Higgerty (Tara), of Summerside, PEI, and his sister Mary Morris, of  Billingshurst, England.

He will also be missed by his cousins:  John McGahon (Mairead), Eileen O’Hagan and numerous family members in the County Monaghan the County Louth, Ireland, also his fellow Priests and his wide circle of friends.

Ordained to the priesthood in 1976, he was incardinated in the diocese of Arundel and Brighton for 48 years, the latter part of his priestly life was spent serving the people of Queen of all Saints Pastoral Unit Moncton as Assistant Priest until his Parkinsons forced him to return to the UK.

Father Laurence will be laid to rest with his parents at the Cemetery in Storrington West, Sussex, UK.

Donations in memory of Father Laurence can be made to Beausejour Family Crisis Center or Albert House Hospice.

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  1. Father Laurence was a great priest and very friendly. He took part in RCIA and was a great resource for everyone involved. We enjoyed having him as part of our group and our friend ! He will not be forgotten! 🙏🙏🙏

  2. I came to know Father Laurence during our Baptism Preparation course and Family Faith. Father would come during the sessions and greet the families, and always say a few words. We looked forward to his visits every time. He was quit a wonderful Priest.
    I will never forget his love for jokes, laughter, and the people he came in contact with. He
    Loved us all. Rest in Peace Father Laurence.

  3. Norah and Family – My deepest sympathy in your loss of Father Laurence. He was a person you met once and never would forget. He was an amazing priest and equally amazing man. He touched so many lives and will be remembered forever. He had a wit, and a wonderful sense of humor. On a pilgrimage we were so blessed to have him and get to know the man behind the robes. I made him a afghan and he told me it was going with him to England. I pray all your fond memories of happy times you shared together will be a great comfort. He was blessed to have you and your family support him during his illness. I hold you in my prayers. Debby Stuart and Gerald Ross (LOM)

  4. Lowell and I loved Father’s sense of humor and his love of Our Lady. We loved his stories and charm. But it was his love of the Lord and reverence for the Eucharist that endeared him to many people.
    May he rest in peace.

  5. I met Father Laurence at Saint Augustine Church and from then on I became close to him.Everytime we see each other in or outside the church we just talked about everything and he will always called me Mama Bear.He is the person that I will never be scared to approach.He is just one call away everytime I need him like house blessing,baptism or even for advice.He became part of the Filipino Community.He was such a good person and I am so blessed that I met him.I visited him before he left for England and we had a good chat and I would never forget that day.You will surely be missed by many.Thank you for everything Father.Rest in Peace father and my deepest sympathy to the family.

  6. Francis and I loved Father very much. He was such a gentle soul and wonderful priest. We are sorry for your loss. Our condolences to all. God Bless 🙏 ko

  7. Have some lovely and very humourous memories of Fr Lawrence as a young cleric on visits to Ireland. So very sad to hear of Lawrence’s passing. May his gentle soul rest in peace.

  8. Father Lawrence was a real good priest. He always made time for others above himself. Our deepest sympathy to Norah and family.we wont forget him at Our Lady of Mercy church

  9. Fondly remembered from his time at St John the Baptist, in Brighton when he was a young curate. Rest in peace Fr Lawrence. Our condolences to his family.

  10. Deepest sympathy to the Quin Morris family on the death of Father Lawrence, from Veronica Dooley & family, Toronto, Canada

  11. Father Lawrence was a great inspiration he showed us how to respect and love each other is was kind caring and your feeling meant a lot to him I will miss him forever But I believe we will meet again at heaven gate til we meet again my dear friend RIP

  12. We came into the Catholic church shortly before Father Laurence became our parish priest at St Edward’s, Pound Hill, Crawley. The first role he played for us as a family was to baptise our third child. He was a very good priest. We kept in touch after both he and we left the parish. We sometimes met in Lourdes. A big part of his life. A dear man. May he rest in peace. Our condolences to his family.

  13. So sorry to hear of his death and even sorrier that I didn’t get to see him before he died. Have known him for about 40 odd years and looked on him as a good friend to our family. He received my late husband into the church and came on holiday with us. He will be very sadly missed and I send my heartfelt condolences to all his family. End of an era!

  14. Dear Nora , and Family Members ,
    I send my Deepest Sympathy in the passing of Dear Father Laurence . His deep Faith ,and love for God ,and Our Blessed Lady is what sustained him during his long illness. I knew Father Laurence from St. LAURENCE O,TOOLE Parish ,and going forward until he went back home . I loved and respected Fr. Laurence,and he was always there for me in 2016 ,when I was going through Cancer Treatment .
    God Bless You Dear Friend, Jean Ryan.

  15. Fr Laurence came to St Augustine’s Church and literally” saved us” ! He lifted us up out of our confused and bewildered state after losing our Pastor in a painful and difficult manner. He took on this burden with great Love, pastoring us with his wisdom and compassion. He was always readily available to any of us, should we need him.
    He told us once in a Homily, “ God loved him best here!” God knew what we needed and He sent us Fr. Laurence🙏 My heart ached as I watched Fr suffer with Parkinsons yet through this suffering, he taught us courage and determination. As the words to our song of fair well go…. Fr Laurence……”Take Our Love Into Paradise, God’s Holy Angels Will Lead You Home… To The Wide Ooen Arms Of The Lord”

  16. My sympathy to all the family.Father Laurence said a very moving sermon at Saint Augustin,at my sister Bernadette’s funeral,march 12,2020,even if he was sick himself.He was very tender and soft spoken with her and everyone.May you rest in peace,father Laurence,and thank you.Pray for us.🙏💞😢

  17. I have many happy memories of my friendship over the decades with ‘Luigi’, he was a man devoted to his pastoral ministry and a person of compassion. Laurence had a great sense of humour, an earnestness for the Lord, may he rest in peace and rise in glory.

  18. Fr Laurence, we will miss you very much, we are grateful for your life. I remember you because you were kind.

  19. Fr Laurence was a fine example to us for his acceptance of suffering. I enjoyed his wit and good sense of humor. May he now reap the rewards of his work here in this life.

  20. May Fr. Lawrence’s soul rest in peace.
    I loved his sense of humour and his wisdom in spiritual direction-which like a wise judge ,Fr. Lawrence could quickly discern the proper and best spiritual direction. May Father rejoice for Eternity with his beloved Our Lady of Lourdes ! 💙🙏❤️

  21. Our deepest sympathy to Norah, Brian, Jennifer, Michael and Tara Higgerty and Family for the loss of Father Laurence. He was loved by all who knew him. He was my best friend from the day I met him and came to our house many times over the years. He was always there when you needed him. He blessed our house from top to bottom. I visited him many times when he lived in Moncton and took him to places like The Trappist Fathers in Rogersville and to the Miramichi which he enjoyed. In loving memory Father Laurence You will always be remembered in our hearts and It was an honor to be your assistant for the 12 years I had with you. RIP

  22. Words cannot express our gratitude for the Lord blessing us with Father Laurence and all he brought to our lives and helped us in our daily trials. All who met him, remembered him, loved him and missed him when he left to go back to England. God willlng, we will see him again in Heaven.

  23. Our deepest sympathy to Norah, Brian & family for the loss of Father Laurence. The most amazing loving human being anyone would want to meet.
    He will never be forgotten. We loved him.

  24. We were saddened to hear of Fr Laurence’s death. He officiated at our marriage in July 2017, and was such a support to John and me. A man of great faith, great sense of humour and great lover of a good drink and dinner. I was so impressed with his desire to help those less fortunate as evidenced by his “walk a mile in my shoes” in high heels. I was blessed and privileged to have known him. May he rest in peace. God bless all his dear ones.

  25. Our deepest condolences to the family of Fr. Laurence Quinn Morris. He was our Parish Priest at St. Augustine’s Church ,Moncton for a number of years . He was a wonderful Priest and friend to us . We loved him dearly. May he RIP.

  26. Deepest sympathy to all fr Laurence’s family , many fond memories , RIP

  27. I am so sorry to hear of the death of Father Lawrence, he was a wonderful Priest, I hadn’t seen him since he left st.Hughes church many years ago but I have never forgotten his kindness and obvious faith. May he rest in peace.🙏

  28. We are so saddened to learn of Fr Lawrences passing.May he rest in peace.Byrne and Janet Melanson

  29. Father Laurence baptized me into the Roman Catholic Church on March 26, 2016. It was only in September, 2015 that I met him. Over those few months and the ensuing years up to his leaving St. Augustine’s Church, I came to respect, to admire, to be impressed by and, yes, to love this man. I use the word “man” quite intentionally for, though he was Madonna’s and my priest, it was his humanity that captured our hearts. It was his humanity that shone through in his beautiful homilies that we heard from him at every mass.

    His intellect also shone through. He utilized a vast knowledge of history, philosophy, and, of course, theology in those homilies but encompassed always in that was his humility and kindness and understanding and a WARMTH that brightened every moment that one was in his presence.

    My wife, Madonna and I send our sympathies to all his family. However, we send more than that. We send our thanks for sharing him with us. Our lives are enriched beyond measure because we knew this Priest, this MAN.

    We also share the sadness of all his friends and acquaintances who mourn his passing and join with you all in celebrating his life and his contributions. We have no doubt that he is now receiving the blessedness that only the Grace of his God can deliver and, for that, we can only say what we said so often at the end of his masses – – – THANKS BE TO GOD!

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