In Loving Memory Of
Richard Ray Albert
1946 - 2024

Richard Albert, 78 of Moncton, NB passed away peacefully on June 26, 2024, at the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont Hospital after a battle with cancer. His daughter, Cheryl, was with him at his side.

Richard was born in Ottawa in 1946 and was the son of Conrad and Alice (Charlebois) Albert.

His survived by immediate family, only child, Cheryl Albert.

His family also includes. Nieces: Denise, Sheila, Susan, Farrah, Amanda, Crystal, Jennifer, Sara, Brittany, Selina, Bella, Zoe, Madison and Erika Nephews: Dan, John, Jamie, Kevin, Nigel, Aiden, Lincoln, James, Kevin and Ethan Ex-wife but still friend, Eileen Leblanc.

He was predeceased by his brothers George, Jack and Peter and sisters Diane and Linda, brother-in-law Raymond, sister-in-law Isabell and niece Brenda.

Richard had started life in Ottawa, ON where he worked at OC Transpo at one time also owned his own restaurant and gas station. He later moved to Campbellton, NB with his family where they owned a shop called Eileen’s Canteen.  The family would later move to Moncton where they would be superintendents of 5 apartment buildings until retirement.

In 1991 he was diagnosed with bone cancer in his left leg and had to have it amputated below the knee.  While losing the leg was quite the blow, that particular cancer thankfully never returned and he was able to get around with an artificial leg.

Richard enjoyed listening to country and fiddle music (a highlight he said was seeing his daughter Cheryl sing soprano in concert with star of Phantom of the Opera, Peter Karrie and loved telling people about it.  He also enjoyed hearing her play fiddle). He enjoying talking with family and friends on the phone, watching favourite TV shows and while not being super into sports, he did have a soft spot for the Ottawa Rough Riders and Senators.   He also enjoyed cooking and baking and was really good at it.  His meat pies, dressing loaded with savoury and family recipe of cranberry cake were a favourite with everyone.  I know I will sure miss those things.  He also made the best homemade fries.  In the summer months you would often find him outside where he lived at People’s Park Tower busy at the BBQ.   As well as cooking his own meats, he would often offer to cook steaks for other residents at the Tower.

Dad lived at People’s Park Tower for approx 25 years and made some special friends, especially Annette and Omer.   Every week he would get on his scooter and make his rounds in the building dropping off flyers to those who had a hard time walking.  He adored the staff at the store and pharmacy in the building and often would stop to chat and gift them treats.

He enjoyed cars and was quite handy with them, being able to do a lot of his own maintenance and repairs over the years.  He also was good at other mechanicals things and would sometimes fix things like TVs, fans and microwaves and give them to others after.

No one is perfect of course but Richard did his best at being a dad to me.  Even during my adult years, he was always calling and telling me he picked up cookies or chocolate bars or had made some food and wanted me to come get some that he packaged up for me.

The last year of dad’s life were harder than the rest. His brother, George, who was his best friend became seriously ill with a number of issues that hospitalized him in summer of 2023 would eventually take his life in October of 2023. It was a hard blow for Richard and I remembered wondering how long he would last after losing his brother George, sort of like when someone loses a long time mate and then not long after the other one dies.  George and Richard were so close and did so much together, looking out for one another.

Richard’s health took a turn in the fall of 2023 with a number of strange symptoms with no tests, even MRI showing anything abnormal.  In early May of 2024, it was discovered that he had squamous cell carcinoma in a tumour just behind the eyes. Along with the cancer, his body had gone downhill quickly from other issues and chemo did not help but made things much worse. On June 25th he requested and was approved for MAID and received it on June 26th to end his suffering.  Through it all he never lost his appetite or mental faculties and so he spent his last two days chatting with me, visits and calls from nieces and nephews and enjoying all kinds of goodies including a turkey dinner and every junk food known to man, especially Kit Kats and cheese curds. In fact, just minutes before MAID, he decided it was time for more cheese.

When it was time to go, Dad couldn’t have been happier or more ready. He wants people to know he had no regrets with his decision and went 100% on his own terms. He wasn’t alone and I stayed til the end and Dr. Leblond and the two nurses with us were absolutely lovely and compassionate.

He and I give huge thanks to the doctors and especially the nurses at the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont who looked after him during his nearly month long stay. They really could not have been more awesome!   They were all so nice to us and took such good care of him. It was a very stressful time and it took a load of worry off of me each day as sole caregiver when I went home each evening knowing full well that Dad would be looked after very well. Every single day he would comment on how wonderful everyone was to him. Dad is also thankful to the staff working to make the meals at the hospital.  When you’re bedridden, it’s boring and so his meals were something to look forward to and he enjoyed every one of them. He certainly didn’t expect hospital food to be that good.

As per Richard’s wishes, there is no visitation or funeral.

If you wish to make a donation in his memory you may do so to your favourite charity or choose or next time you have Kit Kat bar, think of him.

The family invites you to sign a book of condolences at:

Arrangements under the professional care of Passage Funeral Cooperative and Cremation Center, 625 Mountain Road, Moncton, NB, (506) 855-1145.

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  1. Hi Cheryl, Remi and I send our condolences. We loved the write up about your dad. You are right about how he loved to help others. I appreciated how he helped my dad and I know in my heart without your dad saying it himself, that he missed his brother as they truly were close. Not perfect as brothers are sometimes but certainly buddies at heart! You were the apple of his eye and I loved how he couldn’t wait to get a hold of my phone as he knew he would be talking to you that day when you were sick. He loved you dearly!!!!

  2. Uncle Richard,
    You will be missed to the ends of the earth. Thank you for all of your phone calls and visits.
    Love Sheila

  3. Yeah you will be missed you were dad’s favorite buddy you guys did things together and he always had coupons for takeout dad so much take out in his freezer and make his Richard always love to do take out and I did too so they both enjoyed it Richard will be missed and my condolences Cheryl


  5. What a beautiful obituary. He sounds like he was a very nice guy. My heart goes out to you and your family, Cheryl! I’ll be keeping you in my prayers.

  6. Dear Cheryl
    I am so sorry for your loss! It is never pleasant to lose someone close but so much more poignant to lose a parent.
    This obituary though! We never met and yet I feel like I now know your Dad and will also miss him…sounds like he was a good dad to you, and I hope you can cherish those memories without sadness.
    And good for him! Life never has enough cheese in it so I hope we all will learn from him and seize every cheese moment we can right up until the end.
    My sincere condolences.

  7. Thinking of you Cheryl during this very hard time. We send our love and prayers

    You wrote a beautiful obituary and captured so much

  8. Dear friend, you will be missed in so many ways Richard. I have been at Peoples Park for 26 years, could always count on you and Omer for latest news, but what I enjoyed were the surprise treats we shared, the spontaneous laugh and retort at someone’s comment. I will remember,,,Annette.

  9. I just learned of Richard’s passing today. I live next door to him in apartment 410 and knew he had gone to the hospital. He was a very kind man and was always doing things for others. He brought me things like muffins once in awhile and always brought the newspaper ads even though I am still mobile and drive my car. Just being the good guy he always was, I guess. He also would let me know what musical shows would be on PBS when it was music he knew I liked. He will be missed here at People’s Park Tower as I know you and your family will miss him. I am sorry for your loss.

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