Our Services

Transportation of the deceased
Your co-operative provides transportation of the deceased from the place of death to the co-operative for the entire territory covered. It can also recover the body when death occurs outside the region or in another country. In short, we can provide you with assistance anywhere in the world.

Embalming and preparation of the deceased
The purpose of embalming is to preserve the body of the deceased as faithfully as possible. This element of the funeral rites restores the dignity of the deceased and offers the family and next of kin the opportunity to see the body of the loved one for one last time.

After learning the causes of death, the embalmer will be able to determine the work that needs to be done on the body.

Funeral ceremonies

Rites that have meaning
At Coopérative Funéraire PASSAGE Funeral Co-op Ltée./Ltd., we believe it is important to guide families through the process of organizing meaningful funeral rites. Our Funeral Director and volunteers are attentive and ready to offer you support in preserving and honouring the memory of the deceased, in accordance with your particular beliefs and needs. 

Burial and cremation
Burial is the interment of a body in a cemetery.

Whatever your reasons, it is highly desirable that you discuss the manner of disposition of the body with your next of kin so that they can share in this decision. After all, while it is we who die, we ourselves are spared the grief of our departure, which is rather the lot of those who survive us. Your funeral cooperative will be able to help you establish what you want to happen after your death.

Writing the death notice
At the meeting with the family, our advisers discuss with them the content of the death notice and see that the text and photograph are forwarded to the newspapers.

Some administrative procedures

At the time of death, the administrative procedures at your cooperative include:

  • The time that the adviser spends with the family before the death (to tender the quotation and discuss pre-planning and general information) and after the death, to execute the funeral arrangements, compile and follow up on the file.
  • Information on the steps to take and the assistance available.
  • Advice on the goods and services of the Coopérative and of third parties, and drafting of the service contract.
  • Issuance of the death certificates and forwarding of documents to the registrar of civil status.
  • Necessary procedures and arrangements with the cemetery, church and crematorium.
  • Arrangements with the florist, caterer, suppliers of acknowledgement cards, limousine and other services.
  • Writing of the death notice and its forwarding to the newspapers concerned.
  • Arrangements and coordination with regard to necessary personnel, vehicles and equipment, e.g. reception at the funeral parlour and the funeral service staff.
  • Flower arrangement, preparation of portfolio, standard acknowledgement cards, register.
  • Provision and inscription of the plaque for the urn.
  • Pouch for the urn.
  • File administration, including bookkeeping.
  • Collection of amounts payable.
  • Government reports.

Your cooperative offers you a line of caskets suitable for a complete range of funeral services.

Your cooperative offers you a line of urns suitable for a complete range of funeral services.

Your cooperative offers you a complete range of vehicles necessary for any type of funeral service.

The Coopérative partners with a local florist to offer you floral arrangements for every type of funeral service.

The Coopérative partners with a local caterer to offer you menus for every type of funeral service.

Acknowledgement cards
Your cooperative offers standard acknowledgement cards free of charge, as well as a series of personalized cards at competitive prices.