En Souvenir De
Guimond Joseph Norman
1949 ~ 2024

Guimond, Joseph Norman

The Family of Norman Guimond wish to announce his passing which occurred on June 14, 2024, at his residence (Moncton, NB) from illness. He was born in Saint John, the son of the late Edward and Doris (Babin) Guimond. (French to follow)

He is survived by his son Paul Guimond (Nathalie) & daughter Stephanie Guimond (Sacha), sisters Jeannine Richard, Valdine Tuckwell (Neil), Michelle Guimond and Suzanne Guimond; as well as the mother of his children, Rose-Marie Thibodeau, his nieces and nephews, Greg, Colleen, Nicole, Lisa, Christopher, Stephen and Alex. Grandchildren, Adrianna, Miles & Shawn.

Besides his parents, he was predeceased by his brother Roger Guimond, sisters Denise Guimond & Bernice Guimond.

Acquaintances of Norm would probably agree that he lived a full life, with few regrets if any. A natural athlete and a true connoisseur of conversation, he shared his infectious optimism to the masses.

#14 is Born. It was clear early on that Norm could skate. After playing Minor hockey in Saint John, Norm was recruited by the Halifax Junior Canadians (a powerful junior franchise). As the competition level increased, so did the expectations. Eventually drafted by the NHL’s New York Rangers, he had the privilege of attending 3 training camps as a result. He excelled as a professional hockey player in New Haven, CT, Syracuse, NY and Long Island, NY. Back in Canada, his on-ice play helped the Saint John Mooseheads win the Hardy Cup in 1973 and the Moncton Bears hoist the same in 1975. He was the consummate assistant captain, and took joy in his teammates’ success in his recounted stories. They would fondly remember his trademark ham and cheese sandwiches which got them playing their best per Jai Beau!

And he even got his spot on the NB «Walls of Fame» in recognition of his efforts. Having met legends like Gordie Howe and Wayne Gretzky at a young age, Norm was driven to achieving excellence and engagement in sport. His son recalls fantastic times like getting the block kids together for a quick ball game at the diamond on a summer evening, making sure everyone got batting practice.

Like a good neighbor. His skills and aptitude were well suited in insurance adjusting during his midlife years once the rink days had subsided. He donned the «A» often in hockey and went to great lengths to assist distressed State Farm customers across North America with their catastrophe claims. He worked diligently to set up their goal of restoration, which yielded many detailed 5 star reviews due to his expertise and compassion. Watching displaced residents navigate through hurricane damaged homes gave him an appreciation for the little pleasures of life. Norm treated the long distances travelled and visited as means to the adventure he craved. His kids would remember the many road trips taken and vacations enjoyed as evidence to this.

If He Did it. We acknowledge all those who helped make Norm’s life easier down the stretch, and took a moment to indulge his latest joke. And he would even attest, there were many! The 2003 HubCap Comedy Festival Newcomer champion took any opportunity to enlighten curious listeners about his pop culture observations over the years. Whether it was O.J. Simpson, Donald Trump or celebrities in between, he utilized his alter ego «Pierre the wannabe comedien» creatively to provide colorful interpretations of their behaviors. Through «Pierre», Norm channelled his inner frenchman, showing love for the Habitants (Canadiens) and Acadie, while thoughtfully interjecting «le chiac» into his bits. Granted, he was sometimes offside in his commentary, he was usually quick to admit the infraction and amicably move on to a more suitable subject.

The Taxi Touch. Some might say laughter led Norm to his true calling later in life though, as «your personal chauffeur». When he became an owner /operator of his own taxi service, the clock seemed to stand still as miles became smiles for the many who crossed his path. During his hockey days, travelling on buses was so commonplace that his understanding of distances and short cuts made the taxi driving elementary. A lifelong entrepreneur at heart, he found the mark as a driver, tour guide and comedian-on-demand wrapped in one. He noted on occasion, how competitors are generally content to just complete the fare, with Norm you got the «hands on cash wash» extras like the «5 min arrival» text reminding you how much a priority your business became.

Parental Guidance. Both of Norm’s kids wish to openly emphasize the importance of parenting with this tribute. A valuable lesson learned is how significant one’s presence is to a developing child’s growth. Following an understandably difficult separation, Norm made a choice to be absent during an adolescent period which had a lasting impact for the years that ensued. Both his children have long since forgiven him and loved him dearly. They wish to respectfully make this point for mental health awareness, as parents themselves.

However mighty as his presence had been over time, his mental acuity remained strong, despite ultimately battling a decline in physical health. He should be remembered for his graceful skating, willingness to assist & memorable conversations.

In sum, «the juice» most certainly – was worth «the squeeze».

Norman était un excellent joueur de hockey depuis sa jeunesse.  It fut recruter par les Junior Canadiens de Halifax, et à ramasser quelques championnats dans sa carrière. Un travailleur autonome, il a eu plusieurs succès avec State Farm au cours des années partout autour de l’Amérique du Nord. Plus tard dans sa vie, il a gagné le festival de comédie HubCap en 2003 dans la catégorie de recrue de l’année, avec ses blagues de OJ Simpson et Donald Trump parmi d’autres. Finalement, beaucoup de gens vont se souvenir de Norman come chauffeur de taxi dans les maritimes. Il a toujours bien aimé la conversation avec les touristes come les locaux. Sa vie en effet a été un romain d’optimisme en sorte. Et ses enfants l’ont aimé pour son cœur généreux.

Arrangements are under the care of Passage Funeral Home, 625 Mountain Road, Moncton (506-855-1145).

Special thanks to Bonnie and Cedric for their compassion and professionalism from Passage Funeral Home. We would also like to send our warmest gratitude to Dr Vanessa Girouard, Dr Joel Gray and the staff of Oncology Department of Dr G L Dumont hospital.

As a last wish, we believe Norm would have asked anyone reading this, to simply perform a good deed in his honor. His close family is contemplating a celebration of life in the coming months, though will take their time to do so.

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