En Souvenir De
Marvin Donald MacMillan
septembre 1, 2017

Marvin Donald MacMillan
1961 ~ 2017

Lovingly known as Hand Grenade, the Marvinator, and Hon.

Shediac-River, NB – On September 1, 2017 at the age of 56, he dearly departed this world down the highway of life, skidding in sideways and saying, “What a ride!” Born in Baddeck, NS, he was chased away by the age of 19 to seek refuge out west in Alberta. With his accent, he found a new career with the rest of the Maritime ex-pats up in Fort McMurray as a Scaffolder; and was the first ticketed Journeyman Scaffolder in the province. Marvin quickly developed his reputation as a hot-headed prankster who believed everyone deserved respect. He was a long time and passionately proud member of Local 1325 and 2103. With his close team, that quickly became his best friends, found they were in high demand with their work quality and little regard for risk. This attitude carried over into his personal life as well, as is evident by his multitude of stories regarding his broken backs, broken neck, shattered elbow, separated shoulders, concussions, the thousands of stitches, and many other various injuries. He met his soulmate, Melody, in Edmonton in the fall of 1986. After meeting and, unfortunately, getting attached to her children Bradley and Lucas, had to marry her on June 15, 1991 to keep them around. She also put in the marriage agreement that he was only allowed to drive vehicles with square tires.

Due to his risk-taking attitude, he had a very high disdain for jobsite safety people. Ironically, he realized his niche in life when he fell into the position of a Safety guy himself. He found out that his ability to sell ice to an Eskimo helped him out greatly in dealing with Senior Management, and having never lost his connection to the working hands, became an extremely respected Safety Consultant with over 25 years working in Oil, Gas and the Pipelines. It was in these industries where he found that a large number of business relationships easily transitioned into friendships due to his nature of making everyone feel at home.

He had a way of talking to you where you felt like the centre of the universe, until he slid in the punchline. He taught his family not to take life too seriously, and that humour can be found in anything, including wild bologna, snapping beavers, Mexican barking spiders, salt water rabbits and of course snow snakes. He was one of the toughest softies in the world, with an impressive resume that includes skydiving, insane motorcycling, flying airplanes, and supervised scuba diving; yet he had affection towards animals and children. Due to his career as a Safety Professional, he was used to talking with kids of all ages. Company was always welcomed at his table, as he would always make enough Shepards Pie to last a week.

He finally decided to make his second big purchase of his life, after his wife of course, in Carseland in June of 1993 when he bought his first house. He quickly endeared himself to his neighbours by holding a housewarming party. They decided to take all the old hay from under the deck and stuff it in one of the two decrepit doghouses that were left behind. His tribute while throwing these dog houses onto the fire pit was, “This is for all men who have ever been in the dog house!” and lit the hay inside on fire. With the flames becoming higher than the house, he was worried either the cops or the fire department would be called. This was Marvin’s way of introducing himself to small town Alberta. His antics produced many soon-to-be lifelong friends. Little did they know this was just a taste of things to come….

After expanding his empire to Ft. McMurray, he decided to end his 30 year exodus of the Maritimes and bought at house in, of all places, Shediac River, New Brunswick. Moving to a French community, he quickly realized you were expected to speak French. This never happened. This house became Chateau MacMillan, the center of his Universe, his Shangri-La. He named several species of wildlife around the house. There was George and Phil the Pheasants and Earl the squirrel (which he found out 5 years later that there were multiple Earls’ in his area). He attempted to name all the Geese but realized there were too many and he couldn’t tell the difference. Out here is where he became centered by using his idea of wind therapy. He regularly found himself on his Mistress (his Harley) and would ride alone or with his friends, any time. He quickly became well-known for his bike and his ability to call someone an idiot and have them laugh along with them. Many strong bonds were formed near and far with this ability. He wasn’t shy to brag about his wife and grandkids and occasionally his favourite son-of-the-week.

Jasmine and Gabriel adored their Grumpy (aka Grampy), and spending time with them in the past year, they easily put a special sparkle in his eye. Nothing mattered more to him than his wife, grandkids, kids, and his Mistress. He will leave a large, empty hole in many hearts. He leaves behind his shattered wife Melody, two well-loved sons Bradley and Lucas, his special Grandchildren Jasmine and Gabriel and many brothers and sisters, blood or not. Marvin lived a Ridiculous life. Full of ridiculous stories, ridiculous anecdotes, ridiculous people, and ridiculous one-liners. Most people who are familiar with him would know that he isn’t a man who says goodbye, instead he says “Drive Fast, Take Chances”

The family invites people to drop in at Chateau MacMillan, 14 Ernest Boucher Street, Shediac River, NB on Saturday, September 9th, 2017 any time after 1:00pm.

Donations to charity of the donor’s choice would be appreciated by the family.

The family invites you to sign an online book of condolences at: www.funerairepassagefuneral.ca.

Funeral arrangements under the professional care of
Coopérative Funéraire Passage Funeral Co-operative
Shediac Bridge, NB
Tel: (506) 532-1050


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